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Experience the Magic of Accelerated Wine Aging on Your Dining Table!

If you're tired of having to put up with cotton mouth just to get a flavorful wine...if you are fed up with being told you have to wait years for a great wine to "mellow"...if you don't have 10 Grand to put in your own wine'll want to check out the Electrochemical Wine Aging Device!

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The key to understanding wine aging is understanding the chemistry of tannins.  This are the polyphenolic compounds that cause the astringent taste in many wines.  The Electrochemical Wine Aging Device knocks these out and allows flavor to shine.   More -->

The Wine Aging Device...A Gag Gift Gone Crazy

A Christmas Gag Gift grew into a controversy and escalated into a quest.  Our story begins with the musing of a PhD Electrical Engineer, bored with his Linear Accelerator. More -->

Of course you don't believe us...nobody does at first.  We learned this with our first mass demonstration on May 16, 2014.  We invited 45 of our friends to an open house where we used out 5-Position Demo Rig to show how the Device ages wine in minutes.   More -->

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